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These publications are part of the ERC Synergy Grant 'BrainPlay - the self-teaching brain' and have received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 810580).


Behavioral and neural correlates of hide-and-seek in rats

Reinhold AS, Sanguinetti-Scheck JI, Hartmann K, Brecht M (2019) 

Science, 365(6458), 1180-1183

Cognitive and Behavioral Correlates of Achievement in a Complex Multi-Player Video Game

Adam M. Large, Benoit Bediou, Sezen Cekic, Yuval Hart, Daphne Bavelier, C. Shawn Green (2019) 

COGITATIO Media and Communication, Vol 7, No 4, 198-212 

Play, but not observing play, engages rat medial prefrontal cortex

Concha‐Miranda M, Hartmann K, Reinhold A, Brecht M, Sanguinetti‐Scheck JI (2020)

European Journal of Neuroscience

Unsupervised discovery of behaviorally relevant brain states in rats playing hide-and-seek

Bagi B, Brecht M, Sanguinetti-Scheck JI (2022) 

Current Biology

Large-scale mapping of vocalization-related activity in the functionally diverse nuclei in rat posterior brainstem

M Concha-Miranda, W Tang, K Hartmann, M Brecht 

Journal of Neuroscience 16 September 2022, JN-RM-0813-22

Microcircuits for spatial coding in the medial entorhinal cortex

Tukker JJ, Beed P, Brecht M, Kempter R, Moser EI, Schmitz D (2022)

Physiol Rev, 2022.01.12, 102(2):653-688

Tickle contagion in the somato-sensory cortex

Kaufmann LV, Brecht M, Ishiyama S 

iScience. 2022 Dec 5;25(12):105718

The human tickle response and mechanisms of self-tickle suppression

S Proelss, S Ishiyama, E Maier, M Schultze-Kraft and M Brecht (2022)

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B3772021018520210185

Play and tickling responses map to the lateral columns of the rat periaqueductal gray

Gloveli N, Simonnet J, Tang W, Concha-Miranda M, Maier E, Dvorzhak A, Schmitz D and Brecht M (2023)

Neuron, S0896-6273

Play in video games

Arthur Nguyen, Daphné Bavelier 

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, Volume 153, 2023, 105386, ISSN 0149-7634

Video Game Play to Alleviate Adolescent Anxiety

Gradi, N., Bavelier, D., Shechner, T., & Pichon, S. (2023), Identification No. NCT05923944

Microglia actively remove NR1 autoantibody-bound NMDA receptors and associated post-synaptic proteins in neuron microglia co-cultures

Kazi Atikur Rahman, Marta Orlando, Ayub Boulos, Ewa Andrzejak, Dietmar Schmitz, Noam E. Ziv, Harald Prüss, Craig C. Garner, Aleksandra Ichkova (2023) 

GLIA published by Wiley Periodicals LLC., ISSN 0894-1491, Pages 1804 - 1829 

Differential ripple propagation along the hippocampal longitudinal axis

Roberto De Filippo, Dietmar Schmitz (2023)

eLife 12:e85488


Michael Brecht; Miguel Alejandro Concha-Miranda (2023)

Aquém e Além do Cérebro: 149

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